'GLEN' Ball Valves

Screwed Ball Valves - 15NB to 50NB

Shouldered Ball Valves - 50NB to 100NB

50NB Shouldered to 25BSP Ball Valves

'GLEN' Shouldered End Butterfly valves

50NB to 200NB in Lockable Lever and Gear Box Operated

50NB to 150NB with NBR lining and St/St disc

100NB and 150NB with FBE coating and NBR coated C/I disc

200NB Lever Operated with C/I disc, 200NB Gear Operated with St/St disc

'SKG' Slurry Knife Gate valve


Size range 80NB to 500NB- hand wheel, gearbox and actuated operation.

Current stocks of 150 to 250NB hand wheel operated with natural rubber sleeve Flanged Table D and E

Insamcor Knife Gate Valve

- SG42 Body
- Molded rubber seal ring
- Bi Directional unrestricted flow
- T304 Polished ST/ST Blade
- Size range 50NB to 1200NB

'GONEC' High Performance Butterfly Valves

'Gonec' Double Flanged Butterfly Valves in size range 100NB to 1000NB and pressures up to 40 bar available ex South Africa delivery.

Shouldered End Gate Valves

General purpose gate valve.

Shouldered ended metal seated.

PN35 Pressure rating.

***New Product***

Resilient Seated Gate Valves.

Ductile Iron Gate fully encapsulated
in EPDM rubber

Shouldered Couplings + Fittings


Couplings - Galvanised Cast Couplings 50NB through to 150NB with SBR rubber gaskets for water and air service. 200NB and 250NB with NBR rubber gaskets.

Shouldered Fittings - Available in size from 50mm through to 200mm.

'SUPRACLAMP' Polypipe Clamps


A Mechanical Joint for Polyethylene Pipe.

The Supraclamp uses a system of machined teeth which clamp securely on the outside of the pipe.

Sizes available to suit the following pipe O.D.

110mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 280mm, 315mm.

'KLAMFLEX' Couplings and Flange adaptors


Straight Couplings- for dedicated pipe O/D's in sizes from 50NB to 2700NB

Flange adaptors- for dedicated pipe O/D's in sizes 50NB to 2000NB

Stepped Couplings- for joining pipe with different O/D's

Ranger Couplings and flange adaptors- for joining pipe with different O/D's

Dismantling joints- for longitudinal adjustment in flanged pipe systems in sizes from 50NB to 200NB.

End Caps - Available in sizes 50NB to 600NB.

Gripper Flange Adaptors - Designed to resist end pull outs on PE and PVC Pipes.

RIKEN' Compression Couplings


Size range - 15NB to 50NB in Short Sockets, Long Sockets and Male Adaptors

Stainless Steel Repair Clamps


Full circle repair clamps, Tapped Repair Clamps and Flanged off takes with natural rubber gasket for water under standards mark licence, AS4181.

Full circle repair clamps with nitrile rubber gaskets for oil and gas applications.

Part and Full Circle snap clamps with Buna N gaskets.

Snatch Blocks

Snatch Blocks are used extensively in the mining industry for scraping and rope elevation purposes. The Snatch Block is used in conjunction with a winch, scraper rope, and scraper scoop to move ore in the underground working place.


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